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COVID-19 Policies and  - Phase 2

During phase 2 we will be following all Washington State guidelines for Retail and Restaurant establishments which can be found using the links below:

General Spacing Guidelines:

Occupancy will be limited to 30% capacity for retail sales and 30% capacity during restaurant hours

All dining tables will have 6 feet of space between them and will be limited to one group per table

Groups are limited to 5 guests per group/table

Floor markers and chair markers will be used to encourage all guests to remain 6 feet apart. 


Employee Personal Protection:

Maintain 6 feet of distance between other employees and customers

Wear a protective mask or face shield unless unable for medical reasons or when eating

When helping customers at the front desk, employees will remain behind barrier whenever possible

Wear gloves whenever handling food or cleaning products

Wash and sanitize hands frequently

Employees showing any signs of illness or who have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past two weeks may not work and will be sent home


Cleaning Procedures:

Paint supplies will be sanitized between guests when disposable supplies can not be used

Staff will clean the inside and outside door handles on front entrance and back entrance regularly

Frequently clean/sanitize front desk/bar area

Change all table linens and replace non disposable items between parties/groups

Clean/sanitize serving dishes between parties/groups

Clean/sanitize any decor or displays that may have been touched between all parties/groups

At the end of each shift employees will do a deep cleaning/sanitiziation of all areas that have been used during the shift


Customer Distancing Procedures:

Only one party may be seated at a table

Maintain six feet of distance from guests outside of your group

Guests must maintain six feet of distance from employees whenever possible

Guests are encouraged to wear face masks whenever they are not eating or taking photos

Guests are asked to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the premises

Guests are asked to frequently wash/sanitize hands

Anyone showing signs of illness is asked to stay home


If you have additional questions regarding our COVID-19 policies and procedures please email